June 1, 2019 Larry Gulko

Marketing Is A Battle Of Perceptions

Marketing Is A Battle Of Perceptions

And perceptions drive reality. The hallmark of every customer interaction is relevance. What meaningful conversations are you having with your customers to ensure you’re their go-to brand?

What resonates and motivates people to buy a specific brand, travel to a particular vacation spot, dine at a cool restaurant, drive a sought after car, or join one country club over another is the key to driving brand performance and revenue growth to the next level…if you can tap into it.

Your brand is one of the most valuable financial assets you own and go-to brands are a personal and emotional choice. Consumers buy their favorite products as a result of their perception of the brands, trust, and feeling a strong emotional tie/connection. They identify with them, love and respect them. Emotional connections work.

What can you do to ensure your brand is truly an aspirational brand, a brand which reflects authenticity, and consumers feel there is no other brand in your product category quite like yours?

The rational justification is part of the equation but typically not part of the fabric of the customer’s experience to the point of building brand loyalty — which is of paramount importance to propel your customer’s average lifetime value.

As consumers, we make decisions to buy specific products because we identify with a product’s brand image as it relates to our own self image, lifestyle, values, and the purchase moves us to feel good. This emotional wrapping helps marketers bond and connect with their customers.

Capture mindshare and you’ll drive market share. Owning ‘something special’ in the consumer’s mind is the goal, the ultimate prize in brand marketing. CLICK with your customers and they’ll STICK with you.

Like MasterCard…it’s priceless.

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