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Get the story behind the best-selling and most interesting brands in business. Hosts Roger Berkowitz (President & CEO, Legal Sea Foods) and Larry Gulko (Brand Architect & Strategist) share with you engaging conversations with iconic CEO leaders – brand champions – who drive remarkable brand performance and growth. Tune in and discover what makes these successful brands dominate today’s rapidly evolving and ever-changing competitive landscape. Part-marketing, part-business, all engaging. Listen to your favorite Name Brands shows at CBS.Boston, iTunes or at your favorite podcast provider.

Larry and Roger toast Jim Koch, Founder & Chairman of Sam Adams Beer


David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock. discussed with Larry and Roger how Birkenstock has experienced unprecedented growth in the last six years and shared his vision to take the Birkenstock brand to the next level and plans to expand the brand into new product categories.

Our guests share their vision and insight to build leading brands, enhance business value, and drive brand performance and growth to the next level.