BRAND: NEW DAY is a one-day company-focused brand building strategy retreat based on a proven concept, originally created in tandem with the Disney Institute, a well respected producer of executive education and best practices programs. This one-of-a-kind amazingly collaborative experience is built on this foundation. It brings to life the lessons learned while facilitating successful leadership team retreats for numerous companies and organizations including the PGA of America,  Johnson & Johnson, Agfa, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Babson College Executive Education, Jonas Software, St. Andrews Country Club, Boston Power, Chamber of Commerce, Cybex International, Kendall Healthcare, Student & Youth Travel Association, Club Management Association of America, Western Connecticut State University, Executive Women’s Golf Association.


What senior leadership teams enjoy most about this one-day retreat is how the day evolves. The concrete creative, strate­gic, and realistic brand-building ideas and initiatives being honed and tweaked at 5:00 pm were not even on the radar screen at 9:00 am. Attendees are engaged and stimulated by the inter­active nature and open discussions that take place during the day and they embrace the opportunity to be immersed in a deep-dive discussion that enables them to express their ideas in a guided, nonconfrontational, nonjudgmental forum.

To be competitive and strengthen your leadership position, organizations need to anticipate and adapt to swiftly changing marketplaces that affect their brands. Larry is a seasoned marketer and infectiously enthusiastic leader who shared his strategic and innova­tive brand building ideas to help us propel our business performance. With BRAND: NEW DAY, he delivers an amazing experience that inspires teams to engage in a dynamic discussion where passion runs high and new, breakaway ideas flow faster than you can imagine.”

PGA of America


In terms of logistics, the Babson College Executive Education Center reflects an ideal conducive setting for Boston area companies and organizations. For others, we will facilitate the retreat on your turf.


BRAND: NEW DAY is already proven to be a most insightful, interactive, and enjoyable brand building experience. It is the beginning of a journey that can deliver remarkable results on numerous fronts.

Your organization’s leadership will benefit from participating in this exceptional branding and marketing experience as you look for fresh new ways to drive growth in 2020.

Please feel free to share BRAND: NEW DAY with col­leagues and business friends who understand the importance of continually transforming their brand to make it more appealing, authentic, personal, and powerful. No matter how well-known or successful you are, there is always room for improvement, to create new opportunities to drive growth to new heights.

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    Your one-day journey, a one-of-a-kind interactive experience will focus on:

    • Building best-selling brands – dominating product categories
    • Defining what business you’re in – what you’re ‘really selling’
    • Enhancing brand equity, customer loyalty, and driving growth
    • Creating a brand voice that’s authentic, relevant and sparks an emotional connection
    • Bold and disruptive marketing innovation
    • Owning something ‘amazingly special’ in the consumer’s mind
    • Vision – trend spotting, trendsetting
    • Brand portfolio umbrella
    • Unlocking new markets and expanding/contracting brands
    • Attracting, retaining and building your most profitable customer relationships
    • Delivering on your brand promise
    • Choreographing a remarkable customer experience
    • Organic growth vs. the value of strategic partnerships
    • Brand ambassadors
    • Doing good – purpose driven brands