April 1, 2019 Larry Gulko

Authentic Gestures Resonate Big-Time

Authentic Gestures Resonate Big-Time

Many brands focus on the rational attributes of their brand and fail to create an authentic brand voice that emotionally connects, resonates with the consumer and embodies a meaningful conversation. Brands need to focus on the emotional connection that truly drives brand engagement, enhances brand loyalty, and propels growth to the next level. Amaze and delight your customers with remarkable brand experiences and you’ll create legions of raving fans (customers) and brand ambassadors who’ll ‘live and breathe’ your brand.

When you dial in…a brand is the result of a thousand small gestures and the sum of the customer experience is the lever that creates the brand. It’s our job as marketers – “brand champions” – to intimately know who our customer is, understand what really moves them and create brand experiences using every encounter and interaction a customer has with our brand to showcase why we’re the best-selling brand in our category.

You have the opportunity to fashion your company’s culture where everyone is involved, everyone is fully engaged, and everyone is a player. In today’s rapidly evolving and ever-changing competitive landscape, this customer-centric perspective is of paramount importance.

Treat your customers like best friends – earn their trust and respect.

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