May 1, 2019 Larry Gulko

Drive Brand Performance and Customer Loyalty

Drive Brand Performance and Customer Loyalty

To attract, retain, and build your most profitable customer relationships, you have to genuinely treat your customers like they’re your best friends. Because they are! Best Friends for life…Customers for life.

Marketing is storytelling. Period. Engage your customers in a meaningful conversation that is authentic, emotionally connects, and truly resonates to ensure they feel ‘your brand is their brand.’

Own your product category. Invent new ideas to break through the ‘marketing noise’ to capture mindshare which will drive market share. In today’s ever-changing competitive landscape, it’s of paramount importance to be recognized as an amazing NAME BRAND…not simply as a brand name.

Embrace bold and disruptive thinking if you seriously want to win the marketing war. Be a trend spotter and trend setter, identify opportunities to unlock new markets which in turn will create legions of raving fans – new customers who will love and respect your brand.

Consider this scenarioWhat if your brand was out of stock? Would your customer…

  • Wait until your brand becomes available?
  • Travel to another store to buy it?
  • Simply purchase another brand instead?

This is quite telling – it reflects a brand’s moment of truth…and speaks huge volumes to real brand differentiation and customer loyalty.

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